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1.profile imageGregg Caruso

Philosophy Prof | free will, moral responsibility, phil of mind, neuroscience, punishment, criminal justice, distributive justice, law, applied ethics
Exploring the Illusion of Free Wi...
Science and Religion: 5 Questions
3 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Gregg Caruso...
12,077 67.5%
2.profile imageNigel Warburton

Freelance philosopher. A Little History of Philosophy etc. Interviewer for Philosophy Bites. Consultant editor @aeonmag, @thenewphil, @fivebooks.
Philosophy Bites Again
Big Ideas in Social Science
Philosophy Bites Back
Oxford & London UK
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
60,141 63.9%
3.profile imageRani Lill Anjum

Philosopher & PI of @Cause_Health at @UniNMBU. Has a twitter list of 2460+ philosophers. Co-author of #GettingCausesFromPowers & #CausationVSI. #Raniblogs
Getting Causes from Powers
Ås, Norge
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
8,346 60.9%
4.profile imageGuy Longworth

Naive, nonstop, peep-peep twitter of chicks in dismal crates late, late at night, on a desolate frost-bedimmed station platform @philoswarwick @aristotweets
Reading Philosophy of Language
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Guy Longworth...
10,458 59.8%
5.profile imageLuciano Floridi

Oxford philosopher: philosophy/ethics of information, phil of technology amazon.com/author/luciano…
The Responsibilities of Online Se...
Group Privacy
The Philosophy of Information Qua...
University of Oxford
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Luciano Floridi...
24,193 57.5%
6.profile imageAnita Leirfall

Associate Professor, Department of Philosophy, University of Bergen @UiB and Associate Professor of Philosophy, Norwegian University of Life Sciences @uniNMBU
Oslo, Norway
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
8,563 55.0%
7.profile imageJustin Caouette

Ph.D. Candidate in Philosophy @UCalgary (from Massachusetts) Interests: Ethics; Enhancement; Virtues; Free Will; Punishment; Moral Responsibility; Moral Psych.
Free Will and Moral Responsibilit...
Right Action and Virtue
Calgary, Alberta
5 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,650 54.0%
8.profile imageOxford Philosophy

News, resources, and insights from the Philosophy team at Oxford University Press.
Oxford and New York
2 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
20,860 52.9%
9.profile imageDaily Nous

News for and about the philosophy profession, edited by Justin Weinberg (University of South Carolina).
3 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
7,800 50.9%
10.profile imageConstantine Sandis

Professor of Philosophy @ University of Hertfordshire & Visiting Researcher @ Microsoft Research, Cambridge
Character and Causation
Philosophy of Action
Cultural Heritage Ethics
6 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
4,807 50.4%
11.profile imagePhilosopher's Eye

Philosophy updates, pop culture, fun stuff, and links to resources from the Wiley Blackwell Philosophy Team.
Oxford, UK & Boston, USA
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
29,076 49.4%
12.profile imageKatie Stockdale

Ph.D. in Philosophy writing about hope and oppression. Soon-to-be Assistant Professor of Philosophy at Sam Houston State University.
Halifax, Nova Scotia
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,356 49.4%
13.profile imageTim Crane

Philosopher at the University of Cambridge, Fellow of Peterhouse, Philosophy Editor at the TLS. From August 2017: Professor of Philosophy at CEU, Budapest
The Meaning of Belief
The Mechanical Mind
The Objects of Thought
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Tim Crane...
7,791 48.6%
14.profile imageKate Manne

Writer, assistant professor of philosophy. Formerly @_down_girl, the name of my forthcoming book on misogyny. But 2016 killed the irony. katemanne.net
Down Girl: The Logic of Misogyny
Cornell University
3 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,072 48.3%
15.profile imageTrueSciPhi

A window on science and philosophy communities on Twitter and YouTube, by Kelly Truelove (physics PhD, etc.). See site for more.
2 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,358 47.6%
16.profile imageDr Jim Walsh

CEO of @ConwayHall Ethical Society + author of 'After You, Jackson', a blog (maybe a book 1 day) for people who think about #philosophy #ethics #culturematters,
Conway Hall
5 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
30,926 47.1%
17.profile imageAPA Blog

Blog of the American Philosophical Association
1 yr, 9 mos on Twitter
2,772 47.1%
18.profile imageSkye Cleary

Philosopher. Existentialism & Romantic Love ❤️ @Columbia @CityCollegeNY @Barnard_Athena @StrategyMindLLC @APA_blog #EmptyTheTanks #Mum https://t.co/onFh7Of2RS
Existentialism and Romantic Love
New York, NY
4 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,492 46.5%
19.profile imageRay Monk

Professor of philosophy, biographer, unashamed Dr Who fan and ukulele player. Tweeting in a personal capacity. Also on Facebook and Instagram.
Bertrand Russell
Bertrand Russell
Robert Oppenheimer
Southampton, UK
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ray Monk...
5,437 46.0%
20.profile imageAPA

American Philosophical Association, the premier philosophical learned society in North America.
University of Delaware
4 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
9,277 45.5%
21.profile imagerebecca roache

philosophical rent-a-gob
Oxford | Egham | Hwlffordd
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with rebecca roache...
4,910 45.3%
22.profile imageStephen Mumford

Professor of Metaphysics at Durham & Leverhulme Research Fellow. Causation, Free Will, Nothingness. Glimpse of Light novel. Love EU, diversity & immigration.
Glimpse of Light
Getting Causes from Powers
Durham & Bramall Lane
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
7,404 43.7%
23.profile imageCUP Philosophy

Receive the latest news & offerings in philosophical research from Cambridge University Press’ books & journals. http://t.co/20wZzc6pXk
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
10,972 43.5%
24.profile imageDavid Papineau

At King's College London and City University New York. Working on mind, metaphysics, science, and the connections between philosophy and sport.
Knowing the Score
Introducing Graphic Guide box set...
London and New York
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with David Papineau...
5,276 43.2%
25.profile imageClayton Littlejohn

Philosopher. Occasional jogger. Books.
Epistemic Norms
Justification and the Truth-Conne...
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
2,906 43.2%
26.profile imageKeith Frankish

Philosopher & writer. European. Honorary Reader @sheffielduni. Interests in consciousness, reasoning, belief. Tweeting phil mind, cog sci, Greece, links & chat.
The Cambridge Handbook of Artific...
The Cambridge Handbook of Cogniti...
In Two Minds
Heraklion, Crete, Greece
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Keith Frankish...
6,075 42.7%
27.profile imageCarrie Jenkins

Award-winning public philosopher. Canada Research Chair. Author of carriejenkins.net/what-love-is-a…. Putting the "fun" in "fundamental questions."
What Love Is
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
4,934 41.9%
28.profile imagePeter Singer

Author: Ethics in the Real World, The Most Good You Can Do, Animal Liberation, The Life You Can Save, @lifeyoucansave
Does Anything Really Matter?
One World Now
Ethics in the Real World
Princeton University
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Peter Singer...
77,433 41.7%
29.profile imageDaniel Dennett

I'm an author and philosopher of mind and cognitive scientist
From Bacteria to Bach and Back
Content and Consciousness (Intern...
Elbow Room
Tufts University
4 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Daniel Dennett...
220,055 41.2%
30.profile imagePaul Oppenheimer

Philosopher associated with Stanford University, and assistant editor of the Stanford Encyclopedia of Philosophy
Adelaide, South Australia
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
3,820 41.2%
31.profile imageRoutledge Philosophy

Keeping you up-to-date with all the latest news and offers from Routledge Philosophy Books & Journals.
Oxford, New York
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
21,274 40.7%
32.profile imageChristine James

Philosophy Professor, Theorist and Occasional Polymath
Southeast by way of Chicago
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
2,050 40.4%
33.profile imageBrian D. Earp

@Yale; @UniofOxford; @hastingscenter; @TheAtlantic - psychology, philosophy of science, bioethics, tech, politics, gender and sexuality, etc. RT ≠ endorsement.
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
12,867 40.2%
34.profile imageChristian Munthe

#Philosophy prof @uniofgothenburg, #bioethics researcher & blogger. Active in @CelamGU & @CARe_GU. No mercy for trolls!
The Ethics of Screening in Health...
The Price of Precaution and the E...
The Ethics of Screening in Health...
Gothenburg, Sweden
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
4,188 39.4%
35.profile imageDr. Rebecca Bamford

B.A., M.A., Ph.D. Philosopher, bioethicist, comparatist. Tweeting about philosophy, politics, in a personal capacity. #DurhamUniversity & #DurhamCastle alumna.
Nietzsche's Free Spirit Philosoph...
New Haven, CT
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,161 38.9%
36.profile imageMaarten Steenhagen

Philosopher. Lecturer at @Cambridge_Uni. Fellow of @QueensCam. Writing about perception, representation, and psychology. #IstandwithCEU
Cambridge, UK
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,401 37.9%
37.profile imagePhilosophy Now

The newsstand magazine for everyone interested in ideas. philosophynow.org/shop
UK, USA, Canada & Australia
6 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
50,424 37.3%
38.profile imageAristotelian Society

Proceedings of the Aristotelian Society: Hosting and publishing talks in philosophy since 1880.
London, UK
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
9,398 37.1%
39.profile imageWarwick Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy @warwickuni
4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
5,611 37.1%
40.profile imageQuassim Cassam

Philosophy professor at Warwick University. Have written about self-knowledge, now writing about epistemic vices (closed-mindedness, prejudice etc.)
Self-Knowledge for Humans
Berkeley's Puzzle
The Possibility of Knowledge
2 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Quassim Cassam...
2,363 36.8%
41.profile imageLogical Analysis

Philosophaster. Metaphysical miscreant. Philosophy of science: math, physics, econ. Mathematical logic. Analytic philosophy. Books, video games & the arts.
Mexico City, Mexico
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
10,003 36.6%
42.profile imageFeministPhilosophers

Feminist philosophy, philosophical reflections, relevant facts and laughs
Five different continents
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
10,815 36.3%
43.profile imagePhilosophyFoundation

We are an award winning charity that brings philosophy to schools, business and the public sphere. Thinking changes.
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
18,071 36.1%
44.profile imageLaura D'Olimpio

Philosopher interested in aesthetics, ethics & education. Chairperson of Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations & co-editor @JournalP4C
Media and Moral Education
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,200 35.5%
45.profile imageBloomsburyPhilosophy

Think Philosophy, Think Bloomsbury - We bring you food for (philosophical!) thought.
London | New York
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
14,716 35.0%
46.profile imagePeter Adamson

Professor of Philosophy at the LMU in Munich; hosts podcast about the History of Philosophy... without any gaps.
Who is the Infidel?
Philosophy in the Islamic World
Classical Philosophy
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Peter Adamson...
10,437 35.0%
47.profile imageMarylin Delgado

Former Associate Professor. Author. Interested in Ethics, Philosophy of Mind, Self, Human Agency, Intentionality, Consciousness, Free Will. Art. Science.
5 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,723 34.8%
48.profile imageLisa Bortolotti 🇪🇺

Professor of Philosophy @unibirmingham
Health and Happiness
Irrationality (Key Concepts in Ph...
Delusions and Other Irrational Be...
6 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Lisa Bortolotti 🇪🇺...
3,012 34.8%
49.profile imageCraig French

Philosopher @NottsPhilosophy
Nottingham, England
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
2,268 34.8%
50.profile imagePhilosophy Talk

Philosophy Talk is the program that questions everything... except your intelligence. Listen live Sundays 10 am pacific on kalw.org/listen-live.
San Francisco, CA
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
47,698 34.5%
51.profile imageKeith Wilson 🇪🇺

Philosopher of Mind and Perception at @UofGlasgow (soon to be @UoE_Philosophy), and father of #littlehuman. Tweeting for the many, not the few. @drkeithwilson
Glasgow, UK
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
3,730 34.5%
52.profile imagePhilosophy News

For all those who love the world of ideas. Stay current on the latest news and events, calls for papers, new books, and conference information.
7 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
23,445 34.3%
53.profile imageJulian Baggini

Writer (fact). Philosopher (judgement).
The Edge of Reason
The Virtues of the Table
The Big Questions: Ethics
United Kingdom
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Julian Baggini...
16,158 34.3%
54.profile imageGilbert Harman

Philosophy Professor, Princeton University
Skepticism and the Definition of ...
Skepticism and the Definition of ...
Conceptions of the Human Mind
Princeton, NJ, USA
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
5,954 34.3%
55.profile imageTPM

TPM is The Philosophers' Magazine. Tweets by Kerrie Grain (@AntigonesClaim) and Jeremy Stangroom (@PhilosophyExp).
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
12,534 33.5%
56.profile imageGreg Restall

Professor of Philosophy at the University of Melbourne, interested in logic, working to learn more about how we understand our world and our place in it.
Fifty Great Moments in the Histor...
Logical Pluralism
Logic (Fundamentals of Philosophy...
Melbourne, Australia
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
4,274 33.5%
57.profile imageJudith Stout

Univ of Iowa grad, married, seeking new thought patterns in changing world.Read Philosophy, Hist, Politics. Interested in everything
5 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,429 33.5%
58.profile imageHelen De Cruz

Senior lecturer in Philosophy at Oxford Brookes University. Apparently still a bargaining chip for the UK government.
Advances in Religion, Cognitive S...
A Natural History of Natural Theo...
Oxford, England
3 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,501 33.5%
59.profile imagethinkPhilosophy

Phenomenology, Existentialism, Feminism, Poststructuralism & Critical Theory. #publicphilosophy or bust
Oakland, CA
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
5,075 33.2%
60.profile imageThe New Yorker

The New Yorker is a weekly magazine with a mix of reporting on politics and culture, humor and cartoons, fiction and poetry, and reviews and criticism.
New York, NY
9 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
7,778,443 33.0%
61.profile imageSteven Pinker

Cognitive scientist at Harvard.
Boston, MA
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
317,237 33.0%
62.profile imageIAI TV

The Institute of Art and Ideas brings you big ideas from the world's leading thinkers and hosts @HTLGIFestival - the philosophy and music festival at Hay.
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
14,692 33.0%
63.profile imageExperimental Philos

A new movement in philosophy which uses the collection of empirical data to shed light on philosophical issues.
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
11,430 33.0%
64.profile imageZuleika

Philosophy postgraduate student with a completely irrational faith in the trustworthiness of philosophers.
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,305 32.7%
65.profile imageBarack Obama

Dad, husband, President, citizen.
Washington, DC
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
91,068,084 32.5%
66.profile imageNolen Gertz

Continental philosopher trying to live in an analytic philosophy world... | Please Note: Tweets = Id; Retweets = Ego; Favorites = Super-Ego
4 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
12,345 32.5%
67.profile imagePatricia Churchland

I am a neurophilosopher, so work at the interface of philosophy, neuroscience & psychology. On questions like where do values come from, what is self & awarene?
Touching a Nerve
Evolved Morality
San Diego (UCSD)
6 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Patricia Churchland...
11,006 32.5%
68.profile imageSamuel

Philosophy PhD candidate at KCL. Interested in modality and the philosophy of science.
5 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,813 32.5%
69.profile imagePhilos-L

Unofficial account for PHILOS-L, international mailing list for philosophy in Europe. Founded in 1989. Maintained by @jwyg.
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
3,403 32.2%
70.profile imageJonathan Ichikawa

I am a philosophy professor. My speciality is knowledge. Also an activist, photographer, singer, & composer of 140-character tweets. Bios get to be 160 I guess?
The Rules of Thought
Vancouver, Canada
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
3,012 32.2%
71.profile imageIan Dyball

PhD researcher of the performance mind: #philosophy & music incl self; #virtuosity anxiety; #thezone etc #guitar teacher & photographer idyball.com
Norfolk, UK
3 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
41,916 32.0%
72.profile imageShitPhilosophersSay

Of course, in some (admittedly thin) sense of 'endorsement', all retweets are *ipso facto* endorsements.
5 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
6,037 32.0%
73.profile imageApplied Philosophy

The Journal of Applied Philosophy published on behalf of the Society for Applied Philosophy
[email protected]
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,174 32.0%
74.profile imageChristopher Woodard

Department of Philosophy, University of Nottingham. Interested in ethics and political philosophy, especially utilitarianism.
Reasons, Patterns, and Cooperatio...
5 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,397 32.0%
75.profile imageNY Review of Books

‘The premier literary-intellectual magazine in the English language.’
New York
9 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,857,377 31.7%
76.profile imageMassimo Pigliucci

Professor of Philosophy at City College. Philosophy of science & pseudoscience, Stoicism as a philosophy of life.
Science Unlimited?
How to Be a Stoic
Philosophy of Pseudoscience
New York, NY
7 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
17,955 31.7%
77.profile imageKatrina Sifferd

Philosopher interested in criminal law, the mind, responsibility, and punishment. Proud Chicagoan. Lapsed lawyer.
Chicago, IL
4 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,716 31.7%
78.profile imageInstitutePhilosophy

Making high quality philosophy research available to the widest possible audience - Institute of Philosophy, SAS, University of London
London, UK
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
10,005 31.5%
79.profile imageOle Hjortland

Associate Professor, Philosophy, University of Bergen @UiB, @UiB_philosophy, Norway. Philosophy of logic, formal logic.
Foundations of Logical Consequenc...
Insolubles and Consequences (Trib...
9 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
2,136 31.2%
80.profile imageJohn Danaher

Lecturer and blogger. Tweets mainly about philosophy, ethics, technology and law.
Robot Sex
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,391 30.9%
81.profile imageᴍᴇʏɴs

geek, philosopher ✨ early modern + type + open science
4 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
2,089 30.9%
82.profile imageAidan McGlynn

Glaswegian philosopher based at the University of Edinburgh. Tweeting in a personal capacity.
Knowledge First? (Palgrave Innova...
Edinburgh, Scotland
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,766 30.9%
83.profile imageDaniel J. Brunson

Lecturer in Philosophy & Religious Studies at Morgan State University. (dis)ability, community, memory, neuro-X, pragmatism, risk, technology.
4 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,514 30.9%
84.profile imageStephen Law

Philosopher and author.
The Great Philosophers
Believing Bullshit
Oxford UK
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Stephen Law...
8,774 30.2%
85.profile imageThe BJPS

The British Journal for the Philosophy of Science Also on facebook: facebook.com/TheBJPS Blogging here: thebjps.typepad.com
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
2,516 29.9%
86.profile imageLouise Moody

Temp. lec. @ York. HRC Philosophy Postdoc. Married to Microserf @julieallinson; humum to Scrabble & Matilda; mainly, philosophy, disability, footy, dogs.
York, U.K
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,549 29.9%
87.profile imageGrant Maxwell

Philosopher/Writer [The Dynamics of Transformation: Tracing an Emerging World View] [How Does It Feel?] Editor [Persistent Press] [Archai journal] CUNY PhD
Nashville, TN
4 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
31,848 29.7%
88.profile imageZara

I write, talk & teach while making faces & gesticulating | Philosophy PhD-er | Founder @phdisabled & #academicableism | she/her | dogs are too pure for us all
Commission me 4 work
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
4,851 29.7%
89.profile imageJo Wolff

Blavatnik Professor Public Policy, Blavatnik Sch Government, Oxford. Formerly UCL. Interests: relations of ideas & matters of fact. Tweets non-representional
An Introduction to Political Phil...
Proper Ambition of Science (Londo...
Lectures on the History of Moral ...
London, England
1 yr, 7 mos on Twitter
2,651 29.7%
90.profile imageJonathan Webber

European. Fishing in the rivers of life.
From Personality to Virtue
The Existentialism of Jean-Paul S...
Reading Sartre
at the edge of the world
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,438 29.7%
91.profile imageThe New York Times

Where the conversation begins. Follow for breaking news, special reports, RTs of our journalists and more from NYTimes.com.
New York City
10 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
38,490,386 29.4%
92.profile imageBarry C Smith

Professor of Philosophy, Director of the Institute of Philosophy at School of Advanced Study, University of London: Dual passions - philosophy and wine
Questions of Taste
The Oxford Handbook of Philosophy...
Knowing Our Own Minds (Mind Assoc...
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Barry C Smith...
3,473 29.4%
93.profile imageJana Mohr Lone

Philosopher, educator & advocate for children. Director of UW Center for Philosophy for Children, working to empower young people through philosophical inquiry
Philosophy in Education
The Philosophical Child
Philosophy and Education
Seattle, Washington
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
3,134 29.4%
94.profile imageDavid Pereplyotchik

I study and teach analytic philosophy, generative linguistics, and cognitive psychology. I also write and play music. PhD from CUNY-GC. Teaching at Kent State.
Sellars and Contemporary Philosop...
Akron, OH
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
2,040 29.4%
95.profile imageCatherine French

Former graduate student at University of Cambridge. Tweets devoted to #philosophy - M&E, political, meta, and #Wittgenstein.
Toronto, Canada
4 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2016-Apr-26)
1,717 29.4%
96.profile imageEric Thomas Weber

Editorial Columnist, Exec. Dir. of SOPHIA (etw.li/2by0esk), & Visiting Associate Prof of Philosophy @ UofKY. On FB here: etw.li/1JhZMf4
Uniting Mississippi
Democracy and Leadership
Morality, Leadership, and Public ...
Lexington, KY, USA
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
9,811 29.2%
97.profile imagePaul Boghossian

Silver Professor of Philosophy at NYU Interested in Epistemology, Mind and Aesthetics
Content and Justification
Fear of Knowledge
New Essays on the A Priori
New York, NY
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Paul Boghossian...
2,464 29.2%
98.profile imageFiona Macpherson

Philosopher of Mind and Perception, Professor of Philosophy and Director of the Centre for the Study of Perceptual Experience, University of Glasgow
The Routledge Handbook of Philoso...
3 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,004 28.9%
99.profile imageGeorge Shiber

Alumnus @Columbia University and @GC_CUNY: #Philosophy #Mathematics #Logic. We Have Art in Order Not to Die of the Truth ― Friedrich Nietzsche
New York
2 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
26,504 28.6%
100.profile imageCathy Barry

Personal twitter (philosophy, politics, ethics). Irish Philosophy tweets on @IrishPhilosophy may seep in. Die-hard Whovian.
Kildare, Ireland
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
3,146 28.6%
101.profile imageSussex Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy @SussexUni.
Falmer, Brighton, UK
3 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
2,697 28.6%
102.profile imageJason Stanley

How Propaganda Works
Know How
Knowledge and Practical Interests...
3 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,720 28.6%
103.profile imageJulian Savulescu

Uehiro Chair in Practical Ethics, Oxford University. Director of Oxford Uehiro Centre for Practical Ethics & Oxford Centre for Neuroethics. Editor of JME & JPE.
The Ethics of Human Enhancement
Infectious Disease Ethics
Unfit for the Future
Oxford, England
7 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Julian Savulescu...
6,070 28.4%
104.profile imageJuliana de A.

Philosophy & German Studies, UCC. Goethe & Goethezeit | Tragedy & German Idealism | Existentialism | Tweets about German Philosophy, Poetry, Feminism.
Cork, Ireland
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,234 28.4%
105.profile imagePhilosophy Faculty

This is the Twitter account for the Faculty of Philosophy, at the University of Oxford.
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
8,568 28.1%
106.profile image5ASkia

I am a moral philosopher & eternal student. I like cats. Chocolate is the key to world peace. Surely, my brain is making me do all this.
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,592 28.1%
107.profile imageDave O'Hara

Professor of Philosophy & Classics @AugustanaSD. Brook trout, Inklings, Philology, Ecology. Evolutionary Love. Native New Yorker. Book: amzn.to/1wTrEjt
Sioux Falls, SD
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
2,660 27.9%
108.profile imageSteven Patterson

Philosophy, informal logic, argumentation theory. Standard disclaimers apply. See also: @RAILBlog.
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,343 27.9%
109.profile imageDavid Edmonds

Philosophy Bites, Oxford, BBC, Wittgenstein's Poker.Latest book Philosophers Take On The World. All views are the product of my genes & the environment.
Philosophy Bites Again
Philosophers Take on the World
Big Ideas in Social Science
4 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with David Edmonds...
3,316 27.6%
110.profile imageJonathan Tallant

Philosophy type-person.
Metaphysics: An Introduction
How to get Philosophy Students Ta...
7 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,810 27.6%
111.profile imageAeon

Aeon is a magazine of ideas and culture. We publish in-depth essays, incisive articles, and a mix of original and curated videos - free to all.
5 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
101,858 27.4%
112.profile imageBranden Fitelson

Philosopher @ Northeastern
Boston, MA
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,955 27.4%
113.profile imageWillem van de Ven

Philosopher (MA), philosophy teacher (MA) and engineer (B.BE). Loves Philosophy, Architecture, Science & Art. Looking for a job in government or education.
Tilburg, NL
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,482 27.4%
114.profile imageBence Nanay

Professor of Philosophy at Antwerp and Cambridge, journalist, author
Current Controversies in Philosop...
Aesthetics as Philosophy of Perce...
Perceiving the World
Cambridge, England
6 mos on Twitter
12,334 27.1%
115.profile imageAnalytic Philosophy

[email protected]
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
9,983 27.1%
116.profile imageKwame Anthony Appiah

Born in London, raised in Ghana, educated at Cambridge in philosophy. Teach at NYU. Write mostly about ethics and African and African American Studies.
As If: Idealization and Ideals
Lines of Descent
The Honor Code
New York/Princeton
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Kwame Anthony Appiah...
8,052 27.1%
117.profile imageAlva Noe

Writer and philosopher, based in Berkeley and New York City. Regular contributor to NPR's 13.7 Culture and Cosmos: npr.org/13.7
Strange Tools
Varieties of Presence
Out of Our Heads
8 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
6,314 27.1%
118.profile imageSandy Grant

Philosophy prof, University of Cambridge. Writer. Thinks out loud. See me on stage at @LatitudeFest
1 yr, 2 mos on Twitter
5,922 27.1%
119.profile imageSimon Glendinning

Professor of European Philosophy in the European Institute at LSE
Derrida's Legacies
In the Name of Phenomenology
London, England
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,878 27.1%
120.profile imageDonatella Donati

Philosophy PhD student and teaching assistant @UniofNottingham. Currently working on time and causation.
Nottingham & L'Aquila
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,692 27.1%
121.profile imageThomas Hodgson

@IrishResearch postdoc at @UCDPhilosophy | #philosophy of #language
Dublin City, Ireland
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
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122.profile imageExistential Comics

A philosophy webcomic about the inevitable anguish of living a brief life in an absurd world. Also jokes. patreon.com/ExistentialCom…
Portland, OR
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
130,533 26.9%
123.profile imageZoran Kojcic

Philosopher, Philosophical Counselor, Author. Ethics & Literature Teacher. Project Coordinator @MalaFilozofija. Doing PhD on Socratic Dialogue @sofiauniversity
Osijek, Croatia
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,903 26.9%
124.profile imageAndrew Cullison

Director of the Prindle Institute for Ethics @depauwprindle
The Bloomsbury Companion to Epist...
The Continuum Companion to Episte...
Greencastle, IN
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,743 26.9%
125.profile imageShit Academics Say

A social experiment | @prof_nch
3 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
248,172 26.6%
126.profile imageAngie Hobbs

Professor of the Public Understanding of Philosophy
University of Sheffield
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Angie Hobbs...
5,020 26.6%
127.profile imageNed Block

Consciousness, Function, and Repr...
The Nature of Consciousness
Readings in Philosophy of Psychol...
New York
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Ned Block...
2,150 26.6%
128.profile imagePhilosophy Groningen

@univgroningen LodiNauta_Jan-Willem Romeijn_PaulineKleingeld_BartStreumer FrankHindriks_MartinLenz_BarteldKooi CatarinaDutilhNovaes_BoudewijndeBruin
Groningen, Netherlands
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
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129.profile imageJohn Callanan

Irish philosopher at King's College London.
Kant's Groundwork of the Metaphys...
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,374 26.6%
130.profile imageMartin O'Neill

I write about politics, philosophy, political economy & public policy; dad of four; commissioning editor @renewaljournal; senior lecturer in politics @uniofyork
Property-Owning Democracy
York, UK
8 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,915 26.3%
131.profile imagethe Forum

The Forum for European Philosophy | Thinking in public | All sorts of philosophy, always in public #publicphilosophy #LSEFEP
2 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
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132.profile imageC. Dutilh Novaes

For twitter purposes, philosopher and feminist, with occasional drops of (mostly Brazilian) music.
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,262 26.3%
133.profile imageAtticist

m.a.d. moore, Classics PhD student "involved" with ancient philosophy, UChicago, U.S.M.C.
Chicago, IL
5 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
10,240 26.1%
134.profile imageWhyPhilosophyMatters

Series of public lectures, conversations, & events (tweets by @LizaJThompson & @csandis)
Bloomsbury, London
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,474 26.1%
135.profile imageSamantha Brennan

Philosopher, feminist, cyclist, ethicist, parent. Professor of Women's Studies and Feminist Research at Western University, London, Ontario, Canada.
Permissible Progeny?
The Broadview Anthology of Social...
Taking Responsibility for Childre...
London, Ontario
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,638 26.1%
136.profile imageEidyn

Founded in 2012, Eidyn is an advanced research centre at the University of Edinburgh, based in the School of Philosophy, Psychology and Language Sciences.
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,534 26.1%
137.profile imageDan Fincke

independent online philosophy teacher, ethicist, atheist, prolific blogger, philosophical counselor, PhD.
Tarpon Springs, FL
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
5,144 25.8%
138.profile imageSimon Riches

Clinical psychologist, postdoc researcher, PhD in philosophy, writer on arts & pop culture | Tweeting psychology, philosophy, virtual reality... | Views my own
The Philosophy of David Cronenber...
London, England
7 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
3,949 25.8%
139.profile imageDavid Koepsell

Author, educator, attorney (retired), philosopher. Personal homepage: davidkoepsell.com Founder/CEO: Encrypgen, LLC encrypgen.net
Scientific Integrity and Research...
Who Owns You?
Breaking Bad and Philosophy
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,319 25.8%
140.profile imageClifford Sosis

I'm a philosopher at Coastal Carolina University. Creator and editor of whatisitliketobeaphilosopher.com.
Myrtle Beach, SC
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
931 25.8%
141.profile imageNew Philosopher

For curious people. Current edition: 'food'. Publishes @womankindmag & runs @poetstore Hobart & Bangalow. Subscribe: newphilosopher.com/subscribe/
4 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
9,836 25.6%
142.profile imageAnna Ezekiel

Freelance writer in Hong Kong. Translations of & essays on German philosopher Karoline von Günderrode: https://t.co/VkvEj8Z7SF
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,679 25.6%
143.profile imageLuke

British Academy Fellow in Philosophy at Oxford.
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,349 25.6%
144.profile imageThe Guardian

The need for independent journalism has never been greater. Become a Guardian supporter: gu.com/supporter/twit…
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
6,582,411 25.3%
145.profile imageTimesHigherEducation

Global higher education news, comment and in-depth features. Publisher of the Times Higher Education World University Rankings (@THEworldunirank).
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
238,842 25.3%
146.profile imagePhilosophy Matters

articles, blog posts, calls for papers, conference announcements, memes on a variety of matters philosophical. and absolutely no cats.
2 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
14,845 25.3%
147.profile imageArché

Philosophical research centre for logic, language, metaphysics and epistemology
St Andrews, UK
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
4,552 25.3%
148.profile imageElizabeth Picciuto

Freelance writer. Philosophy PhD, lecturer. Immoderate gardener. RTs=endorsements except when they obviously don't. #3A!
North Potomac, MD
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,814 25.3%
149.profile imageAllen Stairs

Philosophy prof; views tweeted are mine and not UMD's. Yup, I'm a liberal. Nope, I don't care whether you're an atheist.
A Thinker's Guide to the Philosop...
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,095 25.3%
150.profile imageDr. Steve Cooke

Political philosophy, animal rights, environmental ethics @ University of Leicester. Liberal. Cosmopolitan. Tweeting in a personal capacity.
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
2,059 25.3%
151.profile imageManchesterPhilosophy

The University of Manchester Philosophy Department
2 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,966 25.3%
152.profile imageΔιάττωνΑστήρ

Philosopher & Organization Researcher. PhD Ancient Greek philosophy, 1993. Professor of Education & Work Life Research, HiOA. Personal tweets
Oslo, Norway RTnotEndorsement
3 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,572 25.3%
153.profile imageErika

I see this page as a safe housing for my brain vomit. M.A. Philosophy student at the University of Leeds.
The North
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,773 25.1%
154.profile imageAlejandro Vázquez M.

Grad student working on epistemology and the philosophy of cognitive science at UNAM. Recently interested in neurodiversity.
Mexico City
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,698 25.1%
155.profile imageJenny Judge

Nomadic musico-philosopher from Cork, recently of Cambridge, now NYU. Tweets in personal capacity on (inter alia) music, tech, philosophy, psychology and art.
Brooklyn, NY
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,554 25.1%
156.profile imagePaul Krugman

Nobel laureate. Op-Ed columnist, @nytopinion. Author, “The Return of Depression Economics,” “The Great Unraveling,” “The Age of Diminished Expectations” + more.
New York City
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,079,104 24.8%
157.profile imageRichard Ashcroft

Professor of Bioethics, @QMSchoolofLaw. Thinking about better worlds.
Principles of Health Care Ethics
Case Analysis in Clinical Ethics
5 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
6,645 24.8%
158.profile imageYana Kuchirko

PhD candidate at NYU & adjunct at CUNY. Intersection of culture, language, and development. Coffee keeps me sane. I have a fetish for words.
New York
6 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
2,390 24.8%
159.profile imagebweatherson

Epistemic Modality
Ann Arbor
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,838 24.8%
160.profile imageLiz Disley

Academic nomad. Interested in Hegel, Husserl, lots of things in between and many after. Also politics, feminist thought, travel...
Hegel, Love and Forgiveness
The Impact of Idealism 4 Volume S...
The Impact of Idealism
St Andrews/Istanbul
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,251 24.8%
161.profile imageMoti Mizrahi

Assistant Professor of Philosophy @sac_at_fit @FloridaTech
Florida Tech
4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
799 24.8%
162.profile imageBBC Breaking News

Breaking news alerts and updates from the BBC. For news, features, analysis follow @BBCWorld (international) or @BBCNews (UK). Latest sport news @BBCSport.
London, UK
10 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
33,116,729 24.6%
163.profile imageThe Economist

News and analysis with a global perspective. Subscribe here: econ.st/2eqtp7o
10 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
21,163,261 24.6%
164.profile imageNein.

A Journal of Utopian Negation. Editor: Eric Jarosinski. In print in @DieZeit. Coming soon as a podcast: @NeinMinutes. [email protected]
New York, NY
5 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
153,584 24.6%
165.profile imageEvan Selinger

Prof. Philosophy at RIT. Sr. Fellow @futureofprivacy. Co-author with @BrettFrischmann Being Human in 21st Century (2017). Bylines everywhere.
Sustainability Ethics
Philosophy of Technology
6 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
4,744 24.6%
166.profile imageMoni M. Gómez

Filosofía (UPSA-UNED) - Degree English Language (University of Cambridge). Español, Inglés, Francés / Spanish, English, French.
6 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
3,827 24.6%
167.profile imageThe Oxf. Philosopher

The Oxford Philosopher is an online philosophy journal established in 2014.
3 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,977 24.6%
168.profile imageSpringer Philosophy

The latest updates from Springer's Philosophy books, journals and open access articles. Be sure to join us on our Philosopher's Walk!
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,510 24.6%
169.profile imageHowTheLightGetsIn

HowTheLightGetsIn festival was fantastic! Catch all of the philosophy debates and talks as they go up throughout the year on IAI.tv
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
13,368 24.3%
170.profile imageBirkbeck Philosophy

The Department of Philosophy at Birkbeck, University of London.
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
5,147 24.3%
171.profile imageJ.J. Chipchase

Studying MRes in #metaphilosophy. Also interested in #language, #logic, #maths and #mind. Father of two. Always reading. Opinions are my own.
United Kingdom
1 yr, 10 mos on Twitter
2,599 24.3%
172.profile imageBrit Brogaard

Author of On Romantic Love, OUP. Professor and Director of the Brogaard Lab for Multisensory Research. Research interests: perception, emotions, semantics.
University of Miami
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
2,497 24.3%
173.profile imageGravid Beast

Lolloping. | Logics, computation, philosophy, poetry (proportions may vary) | Also tweets on mental health. Goat ambassador. Completely unqualified. No DMs pls
3 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,840 24.3%
174.profile imageCausation in Science

Official Twitter account of the interdisciplinary research project CauSci - Causation in Science - managed by @ranilillanjum and hosted by NMBU.
Ås, Norway
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,772 24.3%
175.profile imageDr David King

Interested in naturalistic and experimental philosophy. Human, Animal and Machine Cognition.
4 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,662 24.3%
176.profile imageRobert Long

I study philosophy @NYU | I enjoy Neko Case's music
4 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,306 24.3%
177.profile imageGwendolyn Dolske

Philosophy, Books, and Coffee. I lecture about stuff. amazon.com/author/gwendol…. unsolicitedtidbits.wordpress.com
Southern California
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,124 24.3%
178.profile imageWomen and Philosophy

Celebrating, re-remembering, interrogating, critiquing, preserving the contributions of women to philosophy. Thinking about women who think about thought.
2 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
2,186 24.0%
179.profile imageStathis Psillos

I am a philosopher, lucky enough to do philosophy for a living. I tweet about philosophy, and occasionally politics
The Routledge Companion to Philos...
Knowing the Structure of Nature
Philosophy of Science A-Z (Philos...
Athens Greece
2 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,544 24.0%
180.profile imageGillian Russell

philosopher @ unc chapel hill
Routledge Companion to Philosophy...
Truth in Virtue of Meaning
Chapel Hill, NC
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,487 24.0%
181.profile imageLondon Review (LRB)

'The London Review of Books is the liveliest, the most serious and also the most radical literary magazine we have.' Alan Bennett
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
239,299 23.8%
182.profile imagePawel Pachniewski

Mental contractions of an alien from the future
8 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
4,443 23.8%
183.profile imageBrian Leiter

I teach and write about moral, political and legal philosophy in the Anglophone and Continental traditions, at the University of Chicago.
Nietzsche on Morality
Why Tolerate Religion?
Oxford Studies in Philosophy of L...
Chicago, Illinois, USA
4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
4,072 23.8%
184.profile imageMichael LaBossiere

I'm a runner/gamer from Maine who went to school in Ohio and ended up a philosophy professor in Florida.
Sexbots, Killbots & Virtual Dogs
For Better or Worse Reasoning
A Six-Gun for Socrates
Tallahassee, Florida
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,920 23.8%
185.profile imageMartin Montoya

PhD Philosophy, Lic. Engineering, & BA Theology | Assistant Professor @unav | #FreeWill, #Ethics, #Truth.
South East, England
5 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,506 23.8%
186.profile imageFarbod Akhlaghi-G

MPhil Philosophy Postgrad at @Cambridge_Uni in @DarwinCollege. President of @BPPA_tweets. (Meta-)Metaphysics, Ethics, Metanormativity, Metaphilosophy. OSE.
Cambridge, England
2 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,013 23.8%
187.profile imageOnly Philosophy

Sharing interesting philosophy: metaphysics, epistemology, ethics, logic, philosophy of mind, science, aesthetics,.. and more!
3 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
836 23.8%
188.profile imageJeremy Stangroom

'Promising parrot.'--Colin Gordon, 2015. I have thinning plumage, a magnificent beak, and a training in political sociology.
The Story of Philosophy
Trailblazers in Religion (Origina...
Trailblazers in Philosophy (Origi...
Toronto, Canada
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
8,723 23.5%
189.profile imageDamon Young

Philosopher & author. 'Humour & insight' - Literary Review; 'lucid & entertaining' - LA Review of Books; 'a talent'- The Australian; 'bumptious' - Telegraph.
Distraction (The Art of Living)
How to Think About Exercise (The ...
Philosophy and the Martial Arts
Melbourne, Australia
5 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
8,038 23.5%
190.profile imagethephilosopher.co.uk

A resource for useful & interesting philosophy thephilosopher.co.uk Researcher of the performance mind @idyball bringing #philosophy to schools
Norfolk, UK
2 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
4,499 23.5%
191.profile imageRichard Dawkins

UK biologist & writer. Science, the poetry of reality. Good-humoured ridicule of religions. RTs don't imply endorsement, nor exhaustive research of tweeter's CV
9 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,170,677 23.3%
192.profile imageLeigh M. Johnson

Philosophy professor @FromCBU, Memphian, technophile, blogger @RMWMTMBM, musician, progressive. Unafraid, unapologetic, very rarely wrong.
Memphis, TN
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
5,323 23.3%
193.profile imageBarry Stocker

British philosopher in Istanbul. Various cultural & political interests. Soft libertarian in politics; Literary-Historical-Continental side of philosophy
Nietzsche As Political Philosophe...
Kierkegaard on Politics (Palgrave...
Jacques Derrida: Basic Writings
5 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,692 23.3%
194.profile imageBryan W. Van Norden

Leading scholar of Confucianism, Daoism, and Buddhism; opinions my own; retweets are not endorsements.
Taking Back Philosophy
Readings in Later Chinese Philoso...
Introduction to Classical Chinese...
Poughkeepsie, NY
4 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
2,051 23.3%
195.profile imagejørn

• Philosopher (MA): social epistemology & aesthetics • Interests: knowledge, ethics, policy, movies, jazz, artsy-fartsy
Copenhagen, Denmark
6 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,078 23.3%
196.profile imageJesse Kirkpatrick

Assistant Director, Institute for Philosophy and Public Policy. Views expressed are my own.
Washington, DC
1 yr, 8 mos on Twitter
587 23.3%
197.profile imageLSEPhilosophy

Philosophy-related news from the London School of Economics and Political Science.
London, UK
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
3,755 23.0%
198.profile imageGregory Sadler

Editor of Stoicism Today, producer of the Half Hour Hegel series, that YouTube philosophy guy . . . Now on Patreon - patreon.com/sadler
Reason Fulfilled by Revelation
Milwaukee, WI
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,788 23.0%
199.profile imageRichard Zach

Trust me, I'm a logician.
Incompleteness and Computability
Calgary, Alberta [Treaty 7]
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
1,968 23.0%
200.profile imagePaul Kelleher

Moral philosophy, climate economics, health policy | Associate Prof., UW-Madison. This is my personal twitter account.
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,698 23.0%
201.profile imageGrasped in Thought

Tweets about #academic #philosophy from a grad student.
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,583 23.0%
202.profile imagePeter Bradley

Director of the Honors Program, Ferris State University. Former Assoc. Prof. of Philosophy. Views expressed here my own.
Rockford, MI
8 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,110 23.0%
203.profile imageMaria Popova

Reader, writer.
Brooklyn, NY
9 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
742,730 22.8%
204.profile imageKing's Philosophy

Department of Philosophy in the School of Arts & Humanities at King's College London
London, UK
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
7,135 22.8%
205.profile imagePhilosophical Logic

Philosophy, logic, and mathematics.
Los Angeles, CA
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
5,778 22.8%
206.profile imageLewis Powell

Copying Hume by loving board games and philosophy.
Buffalo, NY
9 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,201 22.8%
207.profile imageS. Matthew Liao

Author of The Right to Be Loved (amzn.to/1HMIfGz); Arthur Zitrin Professor of Bioethics, Director, Center for Bioethics, New York University
Current Controversies in Bioethic...
Moral Brains
The Right To Be Loved
New York
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,228 22.5%
208.profile imagePhilip Goff

Associate Professor of Philosophy at Central European University. Job: explaining consciousness. Hobby: non-revolutionary anti-capitalism.
Consciousness and Fundamental Rea...
Budapest, Hungary
6 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,201 22.5%
209.profile imageMACHAVELLI MEDICI

B.A. Philosophy. Ancient historian WBAU Radio. Traveled 7 continents +1. Author of BEYOND RELIGION:OUTSIDE THE BOX. Have done many T.V. Commercials
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,121,934 22.3%
210.profile image"what a wilful girl"

Feminist epistemology, social justice, science edu. Queer. I like unicorns, rainbows & firing silver bullets at bad men through glass ceilings. PhD'ing @stsucl
London & Beirut.
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,700 22.3%
211.profile imageNick Byrd

Cognitive Scientist at @FloridaState studying #reasoning, #morality, #religion, #bias, #wellbeing, #willpower | PhD Candidate | @ActuallyNPH's doppelgänger
United States
5 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
1,577 22.3%
212.profile imageNeuroskeptic

Neuroscience, psychology and psychiatry through a skeptical lens. Just a brain with some eyes. Blogs for @DiscoverMag and @PLOSNeuro.
6 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
104,539 22.0%
213.profile imageJ. of Medical Ethics

The #1 ranked international #bioethics journal by Google Scholar Metrics. IF = 1.764. Tweets & RTs are not endorsements. Published by @IMEweb and @bmj_company
London, England
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
11,417 22.0%
214.profile imagePractical Ethics

The Practical Ethics blog, hosted at Oxford University. Ethical perspectives on the news.
Oxford, UK
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
8,578 22.0%
215.profile imageBen Young

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at the University of Nevada, Reno - researching the philosophy of olfaction, nonconsciousness, & neuroscience.
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
3,996 22.0%
216.profile imageThe Brains Blog

New ideas in #philosophy, #psychology, #neuroscience, #cogsci -- from a leading forum for philosophy & science of mind. Ed. by John Schwenkler (@floridastate).
4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,932 22.0%
217.profile imageCédric Eyssette

Professeur de philosophie & Enseignant en Section Euro Anglais.
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,427 22.0%
218.profile imageNicole Vincent

i am a philosopher. my buzzwords: responsibility, compatibilism, neuroethics, neurolaw, cybercrime, enhancement, technology, happiness, feminism.
Moral Responsibility
Neuroscience and Legal Responsibi...
Moral Responsibility
Sydney, New South Wales
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,413 22.0%
219.profile imagePeter Smith

Sometime Cambridge logic lecturer, now idling in retirement
An Introduction to Formal Logic
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
2,662 21.7%
220.profile imageMark Jago

European philosopher, writing on the world, truth & how we reason about it. Occasional musician & photographer.
Reality Making (Mind Association ...
The Impossible
Nottingham, UK
5 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,373 21.7%
221.profile imageMicah Tillman

Ph.D. in philosophy (B.A. in comp sci). Host of the Top 40 Philosophy podcast: top40philosophy.com
Indiana, USA
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,192 21.7%
222.profile imagecarolyndiceyjennings

philosopher and cognitive scientist. work on attention, consciousness, perception, action, responsibility, and the philosophy profession. tweets are my own.
California, USA
1 yr, 8 mos on Twitter
839 21.7%
223.profile imageJonathan Haidt

Social psychologist at NYU-Stern. Author of The Righteous Mind. Reflections on how social & moral psychology can improve companies, universities, and societies.
New York City
7 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
56,753 21.5%
224.profile imageRoyalInstitutePhilos

The Royal Institute of Philosophy is a charity dedicated to the advancement of philosophy.
London, England
1 yr, 8 mos on Twitter
1,580 21.5%
225.profile imageKranti Saran

Philosophy of mind, also interested in the wider world. Tweets are personal, RTs aren't nec. endorsements. Asst. Prof. of Philosophy, Ashoka University.
New Delhi, India
7 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,402 21.5%
226.profile imageThe Onion

America's Finest News Source.
9 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
9,937,224 21.2%
227.profile imageJohn Tasioulas

Director @YTLKings and Yeoh Professor of #Politics, #Philosophy & #Law @KCL_Law
The Philosophy of International L...
Law, Values and Social Practices ...
London, UK
4 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
4,141 21.2%
228.profile imageMathieu Sourdeix

Philosophe. Métaphysique & logique médiévale. Philosophy with Children & dialogues socratiques avec Les autres philosophes, membre [email protected]_P4C @SOPHIA_Network
6 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,613 21.2%
229.profile imageUWE Philosophy

The official feed of UWE, Bristol Philosophy!
Bristol, United Kingdom
5 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
1,424 21.2%
230.profile imageNew Directions

New Directions in the Study of the Mind Project (2015-17) @CambridgePhilos, funded by the John Templeton Foundation.
Cambridge, UK
2 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,199 21.2%
231.profile imageKay Joslin

8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
819 21.2%
232.profile imageOpen Culture

We make the web a more intelligent place. A Thought-Provoking Blog. Free Courses. Free Audio Books & eBooks. And more.
Mountain View, CA
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
354,442 21.0%
233.profile imageOxford Academic

Oxford University Press’s academic news and insights for the thinking world, brought to you by OUP's social media team.
New York City & Oxford
10 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
79,169 21.0%
234.profile imagesummertime cranky

phd candidate in philosophy working on mood disorders, stigma, and responsibility. not a 'real' ethicist or philosopher, depending on who you ask
6 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
5,322 21.0%
235.profile imageGC CUNY Philosophy

Philosophy Master's & PhD Programs at the Graduate Center, City University of New York. News, events, & more.
365 5th Ave NYC
4 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,178 21.0%
236.profile imageDavid Rosenthal

Professor of philosophy, City University of New York Graduate Center; also Cordinator, CUNY Interdisciplinary Concentration in Cognitive Science
Consciousness and Mind
New York City
7 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,396 21.0%
237.profile imageJPS

Journal for Philosophy in Schools (JPS) Official journal The Federation of Australasian Philosophy in Schools Associations (FAPSA) Eds @apetersoned & @Lauradol4
3 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
1,309 21.0%
238.profile imageRuth Oswald Wareham

Researcher - Faith Schooling: Principles & Policies @PAISWarwick. Doctoral Researcher (Philosophy of Education) @PTRBirmingham
Birmingham, UK
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
995 21.0%
239.profile imageGianluca Verrucci

#Philosopher, #PhD. Exploring Ethical Theory and life, unipr.academia.edu/GianlucaVerruc… #father, #teacher #author of two books.
4 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
978 21.0%
240.profile imageRuthie Miller

Philosophy PhD student - causal realism, timeless change and quantum gravity theories. P/T Env consultant. Loves Running; Escher; Anything Baroque; DIY; Being
University of Liverpool
3 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
943 21.0%
241.profile imagemyphilprof

RT'ing students' tweets about their philosophy prof.
The Agora
3 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,803 20.7%
242.profile imageRachel Anne Williams

NASM Certified Personal Trainer, barista at Starbucks, ex-PhD (abd) at Wash U's philosophy-neuroscience-psychology program, fitness/nutrition geek #girlslikeus
St. Louis
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
1,341 20.7%
243.profile imageKatherine Hawley

Philosopher at the University of St Andrews
2 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
978 20.7%
244.profile imageNew Scientist

The best place to find out what’s new in science – and why it matters. To subscribe go to: https://t.co/nsC9MjQzmh
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
2,932,980 20.5%
245.profile imageNate Silver

Editor-in-Chief, @FiveThirtyEight. Author, The Signal and the Noise (amzn.to/QdyFYV). Sports/politics/food geek.
New York
8 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
2,324,126 20.5%
246.profile imageChris Bertram

Political philosopher: politics, philosophy, photography, migration rights, Rousseau, global justice ... All tweets reflect my personal views only.
Bristol, UK
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
3,847 20.5%
247.profile imageAmia Srinivasan

Confirming that all ravens are black, one non-black non-raven at a time.
London, Oxford
9 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Amia Srinivasan...
2,164 20.5%
248.profile imageFlávio

Philosophical arguments and other perilous situations.
London, England
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
966 20.5%
249.profile imagePhilosophy Tweets⚡️

Philosophy Tweets -- Be a Good Genius. φιλοσοφία
N.Y., MN, Argentina, London
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
157,865 20.2%
250.profile imageDavid John Roden

Philosopher interested in eccentric alternatives to humanity amazon.com/Posthuman-Life… figureground.org/interview-with…
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,557 20.2%
251.profile image🌸

soft and softening phd researching silence + oppression in philosophy &/of health. tweeting research, puns, pedagogy, bees—not always in that order 🌸 they/them
UofT/views my own
5 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,659 20.2%
252.profile imagePopCulturePhilosophr

Christopher Kitoba Sunami is the Pop Culture Philosopher. A philosophical take on books, music, movies --also race, religion and social change. #ModernAnalects
Columbus Ohio
2 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,454 20.2%
253.profile imageRoyalHollowayPhilos

Official Twitter account for Philosophy at Royal Holloway, University of London. Tweets by the philosophy staff.
Egham, Surrey
2 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
1,300 20.2%
254.profile imagePERFECT

Project funded by an ERC Consolidator Grant (2014-19). Tweets by @lisabortolotti @kathypuddifoot @post_ethics @sophiestams @valerianmotta & @andreapolonioli
University of Birmingham
4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,084 20.2%
255.profile imageHoward Wettstein

Teach, UC-Riverside; editor, Midwest Studies in Philosophy, write re: philosophy, religion, poetry. New book: The Significance of Religious Experience
The Significance of Religious Exp...
The Magic Prism
Diasporas and Exiles
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
993 20.2%
256.profile imageStephen Fry

How can I tell you what I think until I've heard what I'm going to say? 🏳️‍🌈
Los Angeles, CA
8 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
12,648,131 19.9%
257.profile imageKas Thomas

Humanist. Opiner. Artificer. Code wrangler. Bit banger. I have the death sentence in seven languages. hackyourdepression.com
Now living in Los Angeles.
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
383,739 19.9%
258.profile imagePhilosophy

Live #philosophy content curated by top Philosophy influencers. (Pic:bit.ly/2fYTeuh)
2 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
15,663 19.9%
259.profile imagedavidwebster

Head of Learning & Teaching Innovation / Principal Lecturer in @RPEatGlos at @uniofglos. HEA National Teaching Fellow. Run/Climb/Cycle/etc, PhD in Buddhism..
The Philosophy of Desire in the B...
8 yrs, 10 mos on Twitter
3,243 19.9%
260.profile imageMark Sprevak

Senior Lecturer in Philosophy of Mind & Cognition, University of Edinburgh
The Turing Guide
6 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,348 19.9%
261.profile imageFleur Jongepier

Philosopher (self-knowledge, autonomy & liberalism). Book: boomfilosofie.nl/product/1430/IK Co-founder of & blogger for @filosofieblog bijnaderinzien.org

4 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,124 19.9%
262.profile imageUndercurrentPhi

A collaborative experiment in engaging w/ current affairs philosophically. Posts from philosophers inside & out of academia & mapping community philosophy.
United Kingdom
1 yr, 3 mos on Twitter
1,073 19.9%
263.profile imageSWIP-Analytic

Society for #womeninphilosophy series focusing on the areas of language, mind, metaphysics, logic, ethics, epistemology, & science. Public events at CUNY & NYU.
New York City
3 yrs, 9 mos on Twitter
1,068 19.9%
264.profile imageLiz McKinnell

Durham moral&political philosopher. Interested in environmental philosophy, ethics, politics, and walking.
6 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
952 19.9%
265.profile imageDanielle M. Wenner

Assistant Professor of Philosophy and Associate Director, Center for Ethics & Policy, Carnegie Mellon University
Pittsburgh, PA
1 yr, 7 mos on Twitter
929 19.9%
266.profile imageDaniel Vázquez

Research fellow in ancient philosophy, @FilosofiaUsp. Also working on ethics. Co-founder of @CEDH_Mx. Formerly @OrielOxford, @OUPPhilosophy, @KingsCollegeLon
Sao Paulo, Brasil
6 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
771 19.9%
267.profile imageCecily Whiteley

Grad student at King's College London working on the neuroscience and metaphysics of consciousness. Tweets: philosophy and psychology. 🦇🌹👥.
London, England
1 yr, 3 mos on Twitter
676 19.9%
268.profile imageThe Chronicle

The leading news source for higher education. Sister accounts: @ChronicleReview @chroniclevitae @aldaily. Like us on Facebook: chroni.cl/Vm80wZ
Washington, DC
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
204,237 19.7%
269.profile imageUCL Philosophy

Department of Philosophy at UCL: Follow UCL’s official Twitter channel @ucl
London, UK
3 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
3,275 19.7%
270.profile imageAndrew

Hey, how come Andrew gets to tweet? If he tweets, we'll all tweet, it'll be anarchy! Guitarist/Musician/Teacher. I can play a 9 string guitar (like a piano).
Toronto / London
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
1,369 19.7%
271.profile imageWomen Philosophers

All about women philosophers in the Early Modern Period, courtesy of the New Narratives in the History of Philosophy team!
0 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2015-Dec-03)
1,060 19.7%
272.profile imageNDPReviews

Unofficial Twitter feed of the RSS feed of Notre Dame Philosophical Reviews, for those who may find it helpful
5 yrs, 0 mos on Twitter
965 19.7%
273.profile imageLeiterReports

NOT the self-aggrandizing philosopher whose monopoly on PhD rankings has served to elevate his own scholarship (sic). To wit, ruthless satire of the Leitocracy.
Taliban, Texas
1 yr, 0 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2014-Mar-30)
956 19.7%
274.profile imageKathryn Lindeman

Assistant Professor of Philosophy at SLU. Still a tormenter of cats.
St Louis, MO
8 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
850 19.7%
275.profile imageEric Weir

Philosopher of education interested in ethics and epistemology, teaching and learning, and qualitative analysis of causation in program evaluation.
Atlanta, GA USA
7 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
750 19.7%
276.profile imageEdward Snowden

I used to work for the government. Now I work for the public. President at @FreedomofPress.
2 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
3,181,483 19.4%
277.profile imageEmmy van Deurzen☀️

Philosopher, psychologist, existential therapist and rights activist. Fifteen books. Principal at Existential Academy and New School. nspc.org.uk
Skills in Existential Counselling...
Paradox and Passion in Psychother...
Existential Perspectives on Relat...
London and Yorkshire, UK
8 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
24,697 19.4%
278.profile imageAndrea

PhD @NottsPhilosophy, associate at @UniofExeter. Working on properties and physical modality. Editor at @thephilpaperboy. Cofounder @osd_it.
7 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,756 19.4%
279.profile imagePhilSci-Archive

The official PhilSci-Archive Twitter Feed: All the latest posts.
Pittsburgh, PA
6 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
1,727 19.4%
280.profile imageJustin Tiehen

Associate Professor, Philosophy of Mind, Philosophy of Science, University of Puget Sound. Nebraskan.
Tacoma, WA
5 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter
1,194 19.4%
281.profile imageDaniel D. Hutto

Professional philosopher, advancing new ways of thinking about mind and the role of narrative practices in our lives.
Cordeaux Heights, NSW, AU
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
949 19.4%
282.profile image☕️Ⓑ☕️

• Cognitive Science • Philosophy • Coffee •
Washington DC
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
884 19.4%
283.profile imageHillary Clinton

Wife, mom, grandma, women+kids advocate, FLOTUS, Senator, SecState, hair icon, pantsuit aficionado, 2016 presidential candidate.
New York, NY
4 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
16,511,390 19.2%
284.profile imageScientific American

Founded in 1845, Scientific American is the authoritative source for the science discoveries and technology innovations that matter.
New York City, NY, USA
9 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
2,903,100 19.2%
285.profile imageThe Atlantic

Politics, culture, business, science, technology, health, education, global affairs, more. Tweets by @CaitlinFrazier
Washington, D.C.
8 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,547,471 19.2%
286.profile imageTania Lombrozo

Writes about cognitive science and philosophy. Professes psychology at UC Berkeley. Devours chocolate and fiction.
Oxford Studies in Experimental Ph...
Berkeley, California
4 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
8,543 19.2%
287.profile imagePamela J. Hobart

lapsed academic philosopher, stay-at-home-mom, sociopolitically idiosyncratic, writes sometimes.
8 yrs, 3 mos on Twitter
3,714 19.2%
288.profile imageOpenAccessPhilosophy

Supporting Green Open Access for philosophical research. Focus on practical solutions.
2 yrs, 11 mos on Twitter until last tweet (2013-Jul-26)
1,617 19.2%
289.profile imagePhilosophy Ireland

We are a group of teachers, researchers & enthusiasts seeking to advance the role of philosophy in schools, universities, and in public discourse.
Dublin City, Ireland
1 yr, 5 mos on Twitter
1,566 19.2%
290.profile imageDebbie Roberts

Philosophy lecturer. Will not sing, no matter how nicely you ask.
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
817 19.2%
291.profile image(((Helen Daly)))

Philosopher interested in vagueness, especially as it relates to sex/gender. I believe that black lives matter, and sometimes tweet about it.
Colorado, USA
9 yrs, 7 mos on Twitter
610 19.2%
292.profile imageAlain de Botton

Books; articles: thebookoflife.org; films; youtube.com/theschooloflif…
Art Is Therapy
Do Humankind's Best Days Lie Ahea...
The Course of Love: A Novel
8 yrs, 4 mos on Twitter
Philosophy Bites interview(s) with Alain de Botton...
729,688 18.9%
293.profile imageAndy Snyder

Head Cleaner -- Minds are my Business: indie musician, philosophy professor, pastor facebook.com/mobilewu
New York, NY
7 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
62,136 18.9%
294.profile imageKerry W Purcell

Research: tinyurl.com/hbvbf6g Exhibition: tinyurl.com/zm6flwl Podcast: tinyurl.com/zraq9ev Books: tinyurl.com/l3gry3o #Badiou
Norwich (via Cleethorpes)
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
31,328 18.9%
295.profile imagePhilosophy Bro

Just a bro who loves philosophy.
Chicago, IL
6 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
23,703 18.9%
296.profile imageCambridge Philosophy

News from the Faculty of Philosophy in the University of Cambridge
Cambridge, UK
3 yrs, 6 mos on Twitter
3,063 18.9%
297.profile imageMark D. White

Professor (economics, philosophy, law), author, editor, and comics fan. You can check out my books here: amzn.to/2aFC66M
The Insanity Defense
A Philosopher Reads...Marvel Comi...
Economics and the Virtues
New York/New Jersey
7 yrs, 2 mos on Twitter
2,914 18.9%
298.profile imageErik Angner

Philosophy, Politics, and Economics at @Stockholm_Uni. Statements of affect, cognition, and volition my own.
A Course in Behavioral Economics
Hayek and Natural Law
Hayek and Natural Law (Routledge ...
Stockholm, Sweden
5 yrs, 8 mos on Twitter
2,273 18.9%
299.profile imagePilar Herraiz

PhD in Philosophy. Medievalist, Averroist, part-time Latinist. Member of @TheScholasticum Faculty. Tweets in English and Spanish.
Hellín, Spain
9 yrs, 5 mos on Twitter
1,756 18.9%
300.profile imageNatural Philosopher

Father, husband and natural philosopher, interested in matters of Existence, Mind, Knowledge, Time, Life, The Universe and pretty much Everything
6 yrs, 1 mo on Twitter
1,438 18.9%