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Waiting for the WPA2 bug tomorrow and we're all like... pic.twitter.com/2R8l0fJ481

— Mark C. NotCISSP (@LargeCardinal) October 15, 2017

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すると魚津と取り合いになりそう. https://t.co/YxMhcDuITK

— Iwao KIMURA (@iwaokimura) October 17, 2017

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Agustín Dieste, nieto de Eladio Dieste, fue premiado en UK 🇬🇧 por innovador sistema estructural de madera https://t.co/LpZHlyA9sD

— Jana Rodriguez Hertz (@janarhertz) October 14, 2017

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Important work from @andrewdhawan & @BuffaFrancesca & me making metric for comparing gene signatures - sigQC https://t.co/VBs1VBxhxs pic.twitter.com/AU8c86F4yn

— Jacob G Scott (@CancerConnector) October 16, 2017

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Dear MS Math Teacher,
Yes, your student struggles with multiplication facts. And doing the same exact thing as previous teachers won't help.

— David Coffey (@delta_dc) October 19, 2017

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In the neutron-star collision #GW170817, heavy elements were forged in the so-called r-process nucleosynthesis. It goes somewhat like: pic.twitter.com/SQYlbZD8mn

— (((Castelvecchi))) (@dcastelvecchi) October 17, 2017

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写真は「蛇の補題」の説明とな :)https://t.co/LiAErh4tev

— Iwao KIMURA (@iwaokimura) October 15, 2017

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Wanted: maths graduates!https://t.co/U2k7dYw59Q

— Alejandro Adem (@alejandroadem) October 20, 2017

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Lathisms featured 30 mathematicians for #HispanicHeritageMonth. Read their bios at https://t.co/Dp8Qaq228l, see#WhatAMathematicianLooksLike pic.twitter.com/HD9EO9KsjW

— Federico Ardila (@FedericoArdila) October 15, 2017

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I'd venture that category theorists can fake basic competency in all household chores but lack real expertise in any of them @evelynjlamb

— Emily Riehl (@emilyriehl) October 18, 2017

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Speaker bounds function above by x/(loglogloglog(x))^1/2.

And the crowd goes wild.

— Anna Haensch (@extremefriday) October 15, 2017

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.@luciarotger inaugura el XXXVIII Curso de actualización de Matemáticas de la @unirioja hablando de Paradojas #Paradójicamente pic.twitter.com/vxdEY2LoFZ

— Juan Miguel Ribera (@juanripu) October 18, 2017

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“Our work refutes the idea that free markets, by virtually leaving people up to their own devices, will be fair.” https://t.co/yL6DXmhQFK

— Francis Su (@mathyawp) October 16, 2017

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A simple 3D shape made with sin()’s and cos()’s to help my son see more than just triangles as he begins to study trig. #math #mathchat pic.twitter.com/QVIKWckWiZ

— Mike Lawler (@mikeandallie) October 15, 2017

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How random can you be? It's surprisingly hard to stay ~%50https://t.co/zfU08FSVSP pic.twitter.com/tin7DK50nS

— KelseyHoustonEdwards (@KelseyAHE) October 17, 2017

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Hot gas ball the size of Neptune's orbit expanding at 1/5 the speed of light - yay, we've seen how gold is made! https://t.co/QZLNJfgn1r pic.twitter.com/wgXs00Eijk

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) October 17, 2017

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I just published “Random numbers on the Arduino” https://t.co/oedkup4bIh

— Mark C. NotCISSP (@LargeCardinal) October 14, 2017

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Chubby bagels, bouquets of circles, link complements, and other homotopy fun:https://t.co/hHl2pSqtaC

— Tai-Danae Bradley (@math3ma) October 20, 2017

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What chores should you do, based on your mathematical interests? https://t.co/rEab7pGxaa

— Evelyn Lamb (@evelynjlamb) October 18, 2017

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There's some really lovely math underlying Medieval Islamic architectural patterns-- check out my notes on @peterjameslu's work! pic.twitter.com/wxwJdG0YXC

— Olivia (@oliviawalch) October 17, 2017