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SpaceX launched a Tesla into space. What's the probability it collides with Earth or Venus over the next one million years?

These simulations say "6% and 2.5%, respectively." https://t.co/ug0ylw0xVG

— Kelsey Houston-Edwards (@KelseyAHE) February 19, 2018

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Beautiful and challenging post by Art Duval, filled with good ideas to help you teach with kindness. Here’s one: when students show up late to class, instead of making them feel bad, say, ‘I’m so glad you’re here.’ https://t.co/doZ46nnTgl

— Francis Su (@mathyawp) February 20, 2018

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“The tacit assumption that all networks are scale-free and it’s up to us to figure out how to see them that way — that sounds nonfalsifiable.” https://t.co/MGSzefz4sV via @QuantaMagazine

— Erica Klarreich (@EricaKlarreich) February 16, 2018

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décidément, je trouve cette visualisation incroyablement intéressante (ht @KaplanBen_Fr) en particulier, on voit que le parcours 'scientifique' est en fait le parcours 'généraliste' (et que c'est la voie à choisir pour s'ouvrir ainsi le plus de portes/passerelles ensuite) pic.twitter.com/lFntjgyWfT

— Arthur Charpentier (@freakonometrics) February 18, 2018

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Terrible... Awful... Wonderful... When you get to hell, I see you at the bar. pic.twitter.com/N6L8xN0uEQ

— Mark C. (@LargeCardinal) February 16, 2018

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Complex numbers are all fun and games until someone loses an i.

— Colin Beveridge (@icecolbeveridge) February 16, 2018

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This falls into the professional math bucket and not the "math for kids" bucket that I'm usually tweeting about. This is a fascinating paper about the the amount of data you need to be able to make meaningful statements about a data set. https://t.co/1lH92KiuiY

— Mike Lawler (@mikeandallie) February 16, 2018

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Today the Science & Engineering Research Board of India @serbonline and @MitacsCanada signed a historic MOU to foster cross-border partnerships aimed at research excellence & industry-academic collaboration via graduate student mobility between universities & industry partners. pic.twitter.com/5UKDtSNaQN

— Alejandro Adem (@alejandroadem) February 21, 2018

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Last night, I was skimming through a math paper and got to the word "counts." Confused, I kept staring at the word. “Whoa. What is an unt? Is it like a unit? And what does it mean to take its dual?” So I read the sentence a second time.

This is not good.

— Tai-Danae Bradley (@math3ma) February 18, 2018

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My mathematical haiku are part of a collection of haiku published in Journal of Humanistic Mathematics in January 2018: https://t.co/ZbG0JEBgL6

(Yes, even my haiku sometimes include sarcasm.) pic.twitter.com/ogPXYmmR9W

— Mason Porter (@masonporter) February 22, 2018

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The "{6,3,3} honeycomb", drawn by Roice Nelson, lives in hyperbolic space. 3 hexagonal tilings of the Euclidean plane meet at any edge of this thing! So, instead of filling space with finite-sized polyhedra, we fill it with shapes that go on forever. https://t.co/DbrqIRrxt6 pic.twitter.com/svJ3dtxYlG

— John Carlos Baez (@johncarlosbaez) February 19, 2018

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Moon Duchin's analysis:https://t.co/ESPfph6MTq https://t.co/ny185N1HYW

— Federico Ardila (@FedericoArdila) February 20, 2018

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Yr 8 science teacher asked us to name types of pollution. I put my hand up and said "light pollution". She scoffed and insisted that wasn't a thing. STILL NOT OVER IT. https://t.co/EpP9JgUaEb

— Hannah Fry (@FryRsquared) February 16, 2018

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Victor Buso is my new hero. In the Nature paper he co-authored, he listed his affiliation as "Observatorio Astronomico Busoniano" -- i.e., the telescope dome he built on his rooftophttps://t.co/44tsPFhXaS pic.twitter.com/JyHHVfHwIi

— Davide Castelvecchi (@dcastelvecchi) February 21, 2018

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Statistics in slow motion pic.twitter.com/Y4zZoFiwuy

— Chris Danforth (@ChrisDanforth) February 23, 2018

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Es gravísimo que el Estado haga esto https://t.co/ia5yfVEQLM

— Jana Rodriguez Hertz (@janarhertz) February 21, 2018

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My PhD advisor Eugenia Kalnay & colleagues tested a forecast methodology we originally developed together, but this time on the Global Forecast System model… and it works!
cc @dpatilhttps://t.co/Aou1ZUnxUw pic.twitter.com/MgHuAO4mPD

— Chris Danforth (@ChrisDanforth) February 16, 2018

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#Efeméride La geóloga y educadora Ida Helen Ogilvie (1874-1963) nació un 17 de febrero.
Estudió con la profesora... https://t.co/DHvrJEe5pG

— Marta Macho Stadler (@MartaMachoS) February 17, 2018

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What do you get when you mix #opensource codes for single-cell gene signaling (MaBoSS by @numsimb et al: https://t.co/z3BmOPGXZ6) and multicellular simulations (#PhysiCell: https://t.co/EGmtApzLur)?

PhysiBoSS! https://t.co/N4jbyqthvL pic.twitter.com/dE1IvqGHz2

— Paul Macklin (@MathCancer) February 19, 2018

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My student @0themdubs and I are working on a ray marching version of the 3D hyperbolic WebVR virtual reality experience https://t.co/HGDC6AOSQv I made with @vihartvihart, @AndreaHawksley and @Sabetta_. #RayMarching lets us see much further! pic.twitter.com/jA9F1uYKYJ

— Henry Segerman (@henryseg) February 18, 2018