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Updated: 2017-May-23 11:37 UTC. Listed tweets: 20. Based on tweets of Astronomers on Twitter. Feedback: @TrueSciPhi.

Links in tweets originated by astronomers in the past 14 days, ordered by retweets-per-follower averaged over each tweet of the link. Below, each link is presented in the context of the particular tweet with the highest retweets per follower.

1. One retweet per 15 followers (average):

The hypocrisy of the US government for $110B in arms sales to Saudi Arabia is astounding. https://t.co/jSUO1Mi1g6 pic.twitter.com/udisdkh7C4

— Robert Rutledge (@rerutled) May 21, 2017

2. One retweet per 21 followers (average):

To those who think we shouldn't worry about space resource property rights yet: it's already happening. https://t.co/Nfx9HfWFaS #spacelaw

— Laura Seward Forczyk (@LauraForczyk) May 20, 2017

3. One retweet per 21 followers (average):

".. the best reporters of their generation are participating in the journalistic equivalent of a dunking contest." https://t.co/6wzBRECrdP

— Andy Howell (@d_a_howell) May 16, 2017

4. One retweet per 43 followers (average):

If you're wondering what the #tabbysstar buzz is all about.. https://t.co/PFubMXKtMa via @TEDTalks

— Tabetha Boyajian (@tsboyajian) May 21, 2017

5. One retweet per 49 followers (average):

KIC 8462852 is dimming again, and we are all are excited. Multiple telescopes will survey the star. #tabbysstar https://t.co/ICxlY1yOkJ

— Franck Marchis (@AllPlanets) May 20, 2017

6. One retweet per 50 followers (average):

Jupiter is pretty: https://t.co/8imJhmPtda (Images processed by @_TheSeaning) pic.twitter.com/kSwVoGU2GJ

— Ryan Anderson (@Ryan_B_Anderson) May 22, 2017

7. One retweet per 51 followers (average):

New results about massive lava waves on Jupiter's moon Io. https://t.co/dliO7VN1eC Find all the posters at: https://t.co/rvMBKCWwX7 #loki pic.twitter.com/M7KJL4QmbP

— Tyler Nordgren (@NightSkyPark) May 11, 2017

9. One retweet per 59 followers (average):

Slides from my #PyCon2017 Keynote! https://t.co/qydjVaWqno

— Jake VanderPlas (@jakevdp) May 19, 2017

10. One retweet per 68 followers (average):

Why astronomers are scrambling to observe the weirdest star in the galaxy this weekend - The Verge https://t.co/rjgxXwxGFd

— Jason Wright (@Astro_Wright) May 20, 2017

11. One retweet per 70 followers (average):

#TabbysStar is dimming right now - join our live chat with @astro_wright @BerkeleySETI https://t.co/9xtxwjChPk via @YouTube

— Tabetha Boyajian (@tsboyajian) May 19, 2017

12. One retweet per 75 followers (average):

Did you know that @SETIInstitute has an artist in residence program https://t.co/Uo9uSdhmBH ? Check out exhibithttps://t.co/F80WsBKme2

— Jill Tarter (@jilltarter) May 20, 2017

13. One retweet per 75 followers (average):

Did you know that @SETIInstitute has an artist in residence program https://t.co/Uo9uSdhmBH ? Check out exhibithttps://t.co/F80WsBKme2

— Jill Tarter (@jilltarter) May 20, 2017

14. One retweet per 77 followers (average):

Cool new observations of Loki Volcano! https://t.co/zkeddQrfA2

— julie_rathbun (@LokiVolcano) May 10, 2017

15. One retweet per 78 followers (average):

Grupo de Astronomia da USP faz vaquinha para bancar ida a congressos:https://t.co/0T68Oy4220

Para doar:https://t.co/lW8qnsLUGT pic.twitter.com/Ixzcp9KvqC

— Jorge Melendez (@DrJorgeMelendez) May 11, 2017

16. One retweet per 92 followers (average):

Cutting-edge research from Indian scientists rarely gets media highlight. But for random Chinese non-phd "scholar": https://t.co/p76g6QqxEJ

— Dr. Karan Jani (@AstroKPJ) May 10, 2017

17. One retweet per 98 followers (average):

Attention: all astronomers traveling to (or residing in) the state of Texas. Links/resources are welcome. Thank you.https://t.co/LvkwF4lLkQ

— Prof. Jorge Moreno (@astroboy_moreno) May 17, 2017

18. One retweet per 101 followers (average):

My new paper is up on the arXiv. I'm happy to present FRB 150215! A very special burst that I'll tell you all about! https://t.co/GiV3biFUjQ

— Emily Petroff (@ebpetroff) May 9, 2017

19. One retweet per 105 followers (average):

Python's Visualization Landscape — slides from my #PyCon2017 talk: https://t.co/iBvw9HKmtH

— Jake VanderPlas (@jakevdp) May 21, 2017

20. One retweet per 107 followers (average):

The best #JusticeforEudocia read I've come across so far comes from Filipina journalist @lianbuan. https://t.co/28UFB6BNKw

— Dr. Chanda 🇧🇧 (@IBJIYONGI) May 19, 2017